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Brick, Step, & Surface Lights

Brick lights and step/surface lights have different, but similar, purposes. They provide subtle downward-facing light that illuminates a surface below, such as a wall or step. Brick lights are often used in brick or masonry because these materials require added consideration in order to add visual interest and pops of light to the hardscape at night. Step lights or surface lights, which are often a smaller than brick lights, are positioned at the side of stairs or pathways to illuminate it (or in some cases, as part of each step to lights the treads of the step for safety while adding ambience).

Although brick and step lighting is a great way to ensure safety around your landscaping, gardening or hardscaping, its also designed to add style and appeal to your outdoor environments. These solutions feature attractive finishes and inconspicuous shapes to blend in with your design and add illumination where its lacking the most. Select LED brick lights or surface mounted LED step lights to highlight your architectural design while saving money and energy.