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Larmes Collection

Sometimes simple can be extraordinary. The Larmes Collection by ET2 features the graceful elegance of rows of clear oversized teardrops mounted on polished chrome holders, providing a contemporary setting for LED lamps. Choose from lights in a crisp row or staggered for a unique decorative effect. There are single pendants and canopies, 3-light fixtures, and up to dramatic 13-light presentations. These are lighting solutions that make a powerful impression and transform a room’s appearance.

The staggered teardrop fixtures are individually adjustable for breathtaking effect. These teardrop pendants are of the highest quality and extremely sturdy. Each drop is suspended with aircraft cable and you can adjust the overall height of the fixture to fit any location. The stark beauty of these pendant lights is ideal for a living room decorative fixture that emits warm, glowing ambient light. They can also be effectively used in a kitchen above islands, counters, tables, or as a central focal point in a dining room. Add a powerful touch of contemporary art to a foyer or entranceway.

ET2 Contemporary Lighting refines and redefines the latest lighting trends in the industry. For more than 45 years, they’ve offered light collections that blend bold designs, luxurious finishes and expert craftsmanship. Their innovative styles add sophistication to private homes, restaurants, hotels, and bars, in addition to high-end office environments.