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Recessed Downlight Trim

The “trim” of any recessed downlight is the finished portion you see from below the ceiling. While many LED retrofit modules include a trim as part of the unit, some downlight fixtures require the purchase of a separate trim piece. This is especially true if you're using an individual lamp in your can light. So what does the trim do? Besides providing a finished appearance in the ceiling (and closing off the view of an open housing…which would not look very nice), they provide the ability to mold and shape the light that is coming from the fixture. Whether you need to maximize the downlight’s light output, diffuse and soften the light output, or provide a decorative cover or lens, a trim unit can do that.

While downlights are perfect for adding illumination in any home or business, these fixtures can offer customizable lighting qualities based on the trim you choose. A variety of trim options and styles are available to fit your lighting needs. For maximizing light output in a space and providing a clean, modern look, you can’t go wrong with the classice “reflector” trim. This trim style enhances the light output of each fixture by using a shiny finish on the inside surface of the trim, allowing for bright illumination of a room.

Another popular option is “baffle” trim. This type of downlight trim has anti-glare properties that lead to a softer lighting scheme. The gently lit results are ideal for certain areas of homes, hotels, restaurants, and offices where you want to diffuse the light and reduce unwanted glare. A baffle style trim can be especially useful in offices with lots of computer screens.

Other trim options feature various colors, textures, shapes. and finishes. When selecting your downlight trim, consider whether you wand it to blend in or stand out on your ceilings and how it will affect the lighting in your space.