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BR40 LED Bulbs

Try our low-watt BR40 replacement lamps for an alternative to outdated and inefficient incandescent bulbs. These LEDs emit the equivalent brightness of high-watt incandescent bulbs while using much less energy. Each of our name-brand BR40 bulbs features a medium E26 base to fit in standard sockets. Our BR40 lights are available in a range of color temperatures, allowing them to be used in multiple settings. Use a BR40 bulb in your home or businessí spotlight or for narrow-yet-bright soft-edged illumination.

If you are looking for a light that wonít burn out, try our BR40-shape LED lamps. They produce a stunning number of lumens to highlight any residential or commercial building area with a strong glow. LEDs are the lighting option of the future, operating between 80 and 90 percent efficiency to ensure that you arenít wasting any electricity. In addition, every bulb will last thousands of hours and then will slowly dim, versus simply burning out like an incandescent bulb. Youíll be able to get years of continuous use out of these units. Be smart when it comes to your lighting needs by swapping out your inefficient bulbs with our Energy Star-rated replacement LED bulbs.