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American Lighting LED Drivers and Power Supplies

If you are installing a new low voltage LED light fixture, you will need the right hardware to get it up and running with the proper power. American Lighting LED drivers include everything you will need to set up a low voltage LED fixture. Low voltage lights cost less to operate than line voltage lights (although they have more up-front expenses) and product illumination that is sharper, warmer and more efficient. Using American Lighting commercial LED drivers, power supplies and other accessories will allow your office, warehouse or manufacturing plant to reap the benefits of low voltage LED lighting even if you are on a line voltage grid.

American Lighting manufactures LED lighting supplies that are ruggedly constructed for performance and safety. Their efficient LED electronic drivers can be used with linear lights that require 12V or 24V DC power. We have both regular and dimmable electronic drivers that deliver a constant voltage and have built-in protection against short circuiting, current overloads and over-voltage. Both styles are RoHS-compliant and are rated wet locations, so you can use them for garages, work bays and other weather-affected areas. For light fixtures that run off AC low voltage, American Lighting also offers magnetic transformers will detect the standard line voltage coming in and step it down to a low voltage current for your lighting.