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Wide Angle 5mm LED Christmas Lights

Wide angle, 5mm LED Christmas lights are chic, modern and can add a unique look to your holiday decor. These gorgeous 5mm Christmas lights aren't available in traditional incandescent varieties; only in LED string lights. With an inverted cone design that disperses light output equally in all directions, these LED lights are a fantastic alternative to traditional and miniature holiday tree lights. Since these bright, vibrant Christmas lights are sturdily designed and come in 25-foot lengths, they're ideal for indoor and outdoor decorating.

Whether you want the most decked-out home in the neighborhood or you're just going for something simple and elegant, these wide angle 5mm LED Christmas lights are the way to go. Available in several colors, including pure white, warm white, blue and green, LED lights present a clear, crisp light you just won't get with traditional incandescent bulbs. We also carry orange, pink, purple and red LED Christmas lights, as well as a multi-color spool that's perfect for adding a vivid rainbow of color to any object.

The wide angle 5mm LED Christmas lights in our collection feature an innovative design that provides optimal viewing from any angle. Each 25-foot cord is equipped with an end-to-end stacking plug, which makes it easy to create a custom length that meets your needs; from house trim along the entire rooftop to encircling a pretty blue spruce, these 5mm LED Christmas lights can illuminate your holiday like no other lights can. These 120V AC Christmas lights are carefully spaced along green wire, which enables them to blend seamlessly with your tree and stand out in sharp contrast against snow on your roof. Our wide angle Christmas light sets make it easy to get the gorgeous lighting you need to create the perfect look this holiday season.